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EPISODE SEVEN: #BlesssingInDisguise

The fire was getting closer and closer, mama was almost being consumed. One more minute and we would be referring to ‘mama’ as the late, one more minute and we would sing sombre songs for the departed soul of ‘mama’. Meanwhile, ‘mwenda’ was running in the opposite direction calling out ‘mama’. Were it not for the fact that ‘mwenda’ was not sane then maybe ‘mama’ would have been in a better and safer position.

The fire extinguishers arrived later on when the damage had already been done. Well, at least they quenched the fire but never undid the damage that had been done, never brought back to life the lives that had been lost. The market could hardly be recognised; it may be right to say that it was as void as the earth was during the days of creation. A market that was once full of many people buying and selling; a market that was full of noise was now void and all that could be felt would be the smell of smoke.

You would agree with me that second to political rallies, markets are places where many people gather and as such, many lives were lost and many were injured. Ambulances made their way to the market to pick up the causalities and the deceased (May the Lord keep their souls in perfect peace). All roads (for the ambulances) led to the nearest district hospital, BETA HEALTH CARE DISTRICT HOSPITAL. Here, the doctors and nurses were on standby to take up causalities.

One thing that captured people’s attention was a young couple that made their way to the hospital. The lady, in particular, was crying her heart out; the couple was well off from the outlook, they drove in a V8 car, New Model; their English was really refined and their dressing spoke nothing less of rich. The young man was carrying a child (presumably) their child. The child was having burns all over the body; this must have been as a result of the market fire incident.

“Somebody help us, my daughter has to live” The Lady spoke.

The medical practitioners sprung into action and the child was taken to the Intensive Care Unit; the lady wanted to enter but was restrained. Hours passed before the ICU door was opened and I can bet that those hours seemed like centuries to this couple. After about seven hours of waiting the door was opened by the doctor who seemed cast down. Clearly, the news was not good.

My dear reader, I bet you know the drill, “We did our best but …” The lady completely broke down. This was not what she wanted; this was not she had prayed for; this was her only child’s life that the doctor was talking about; this child was barely school going; this was not fair.

The lady wept as the husband kept comforting her; he looked completely downcast, too. The lady was in complete denial and she kept saying, “They are wrong honey; Diana is not dead”. The husband just listened to her because she knew that any effort to oppose his wife may have resulted to husband buttery.

Another ambulance came in and with it, an approximately 6 months old baby. The baby was with burns all over. On seeing the child the lady began shouting, “Diana”; The child was taken to the ICU and later to the general ward. The lady pleaded with her husband that she visits the six-month-old baby; the husband was reluctant because he knew this was giving his wife false hopes but he decided to do it anyway.

The lady entered the ward; sat on the bed and held the baby; tears flowing her cheeks, she said, “Your parents must be really lucky, they have you even after the burns, you are blessed, my child.” The lady broke down and wrenched the child in tears. As she looked at the child she saw Diana; the husband just watched helplessly.

This moment was interrupted by the nurse on duty. “Madam, we need to dress the child, you should leave now”

“Where are the parents?” The lady asked.

“We do not know,” The Nurse replied.

The nurse then urged them to leave. The couple drove off. The answer by the nurse lingered in the mind of the lady and a burden so hard was laid on her heart to see the child. The burial arrangements for the child began and this escaped the lady’s mind.

Two weeks after the burial ceremony, the lady got a very serious migraine that needed medical attention. The migraine was so serious that she had to be admitted. She was placed in the same ward as that 6 months old child. The child was still there and this made her remember the whole scenario. When the nurse on duty came she asked, “Where are her parents?”

“I am tending to think she is an orphan or had been abandoned.” The nurse replied

“I want her to be mine, ” The lady said.

“That will take long …” The nurse said.

“As long as it is possible, I have no problem,”The lady responded

The lady held the child and noticed a chain. It was written, “MUM LOVES YOU”. Dear, readers, does this ring a bell???

Author: Anne Mumbi Njoroge

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  1. Cheruto Tanui

    this is twist of fate for ‘mama’

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    hope at long last. waiting..

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