9 Daughters

“Where in Nairobi do you live?” “Pardon?” “You said you are from Nairobi, right?” “Right.” “No offence but I am struggling to believe you. So if you don’t mind, can you tell me where exactly in Nairobi do you live?” “I am from Nairobi, believe me.” “Only after you tell me the name of your […]

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It’s my fault, really. I should have known with a name like Ebeneza, the services in this Barber Shop will be mediocre. I know… I know… It’s a Biblical name that shows how the business is grounded and aligned to the word of the Lord, but no serious trade names themselves Ebeneza, unless they offer […]

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Find God

One day she goes to one of those high-end salons where ladies read magazines as some gifted fingers work on their hair. When the hairdresser is done with her, Tina stands before a wall mirror to admire her braids. She delicately runs her palm over her scalp, a smile lingering on her face like gathering […]

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Ready Yet?

What happens is you assemble all your machinery and go after this girl all guns blazing. You load enough airtime and stand on the balcony to call her, measuring your words and laughing with swagger as a proper, potential boyfriend should. She laughs too. The sound of her cackling laughter filling you with hope. Your […]

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Lights Are Out

That night, one of the neighbours woke up to go to the washrooms. It was one of those plots with washrooms on the other side of the compound, a small gate separating the houses from the washrooms. The moment he opened the gate, he had a commotion coming from one of the unfinished houses and […]

We Were High

Someone, we’ll never know who, nicknamed our high school deputy principal ‘Albino’ because he was too brown, and the nickname stuck like a grim memory. When we joined form one we found him being called albino and so we jumped on the bandwagon and passed on the name to the new form ones who proudly […]

Make A Plan

That morning she won’t talk to you. While brushing her teeth, you’ll nudge the small of her back with your elbow in a bid to elicit some reaction from her, but all you’ll get is a sharp stare. A sharp cold stare. You’ll steer clear of her path and even when she’ll be struggling to […]