Meet Paula Norah—She Makes Pen & Paper Talk

I haven’t been heartbroken enough in my life, which is a surprise because I always wear my heart on my sleeve. When I like someone, I don’t know how to keep it to myself. I tell them. The same goes for those I don’t like. Because I spend most of my time online, I get to meet boring people in the streets of Social media, pretentious people who suffocate us with stale moral stories that begin with “A poor man once knocked on a rich woman’s door. .,” religious people who remind us that no matter our huge following, we are just mere mortals, and then smart people who write beautifully and you can’t help but stalk them online, people like Paula Norah. If you pronounce her name wrong, you, Mister, are going to have a problem.

In her Facebook Profile photo, with a background of green trees and maize plantations from a distance, Paula is seated on a rock, dressed in a black sleeveless top, a yellow flared skirt and black shoes. A black necklace stops right above her cleavage and to finish off her elegance is her lovely smile, which she wears like you would your Sunday best back in the days. Her ebony skin glows and I reckon if I were to wake my little Natasha up from her sleep, show her this photo and ask her what she sees, she would say, “Angel?”

Angels, by the way, are black. Jesus too.

She’s A Tomboy


She is relatively tall, dark in complexion, has studs in her ears and anxiety in her eyes. She is not painfully thin but its safe to say she seems to have her body weight and waistline in check. She seems to me like that woman you will see for the first time and something about her will strike you immediately, and you wouldn’t know what. If it’s in the bar, you will buy drinks, one after the other, sitting in the corner, staring at her on the other end where she sits with her left leg on top of the right one, and try to figure what it is about her that got you hooked.

Is it her beauty? Or her natural short hair? Well, it could be, because surely, how many times have you lately met a woman with hair she does not have a receipt for? Anyway, that’s just me and my imaginations. Rael here is not like any other woman. She is a woman, yes, but she identifies most with boys. She loves men’s clothing and so she dresses in them. In short, she is a Tomboy. When I came across her blog, I was fascinated. I wanted to have a chat and know more about her and her Tomboy lifestyle. So I emailed her, she replied, we exchanged contacts and a week or so later, we WhatsApped and I asked her the questions.

My lady colleague whom I showed your blog said you didn’t really strike her as a Tomboy. She says you are smart and your look is more girly. Your thoughts?

I get that a lot. I look at men in well-cut suits, fitting shirts, perfectly placed pieces and that’s how I want to dress. Smartness for me goes a long way. I got it from my mum too, she never bought us (my brothers & I) any oversized clothes… you know… the kind that you grow up with.