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The search for Kamcheche continued. Her mum was so restless she never slept a wink. Kamcheche was her only source of joy after losing her own child. And she was not alone, even Kamcheche’s nanny missed her and her juicy stories. The gateman missed her cheekiness and if animals could speak, the family cat would have said it missed her companionship. The sombre mood continued in that house for three weeks. Other than few Inquiries and the occasional screams and cries by the mother, much wasn’t said in that household

That night, with all the hope gone, Kamcheche’s parents walked into their bedroom and changed into their night regalia in silence. They even seemed to be avoiding each other’s eyes as if neither of them wanted to admit that they had lost hope of ever finding her. When her mum kept tossing as it had become her norm, her husband became agitated.


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Episode 9: Where Is She?

“Kamcheche! Kamcheche!” Kamcheche’s foster mum called out. The name Kamcheche had become so popular people forgot the name Leleti existed. On this material day, all but Kamcheche had gathered at the dinner table and this was unusual considering her huge appetite. She was always the first one to grace the dinner table and so her not being present gave her mum reason to worry. After several calls with no response, Kamcheche’s mum went upstairs to find out what was going on. She seemed to be the only one worried though, the rest of the household was at ease; they knew too well how mischievous Kamcheche would get. More so, she could not have gone anywhere anyway. So they cracked jokes and made small talk while her mum when her mum run upstairs.

Kamcheche’s mum knocked on her door. Well, she had a sticky note at the door which read “NO ENTRY; KNOCK FIRST”. Without a shadow of doubt, Kamcheche was the kind of person who liked keeping her space safeguarded and this sticky note could definitely affirm this, and so the mother complied and knocked. She knocked so many times but there was still no response.


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It was mama that this lady was holding in her hands. Gently rocking her, she couldn’t help but imagine that she was her mother. The nurse who was standing by, watching the lady’s face lighten up each time the baby smiled, wondered what had gotten into her. She opened her mouth to speak but stopped herself before saying what she believed would have ruined this confusing yet lovely moment between the lady and the baby. The lady’s phone rang and as loud as it was, it didn’t seem like she was hearing it ring, so the nurse stepped forward and gently shook her. She quickly answered it. It was her husband.

“I need to be on my way but I will be back for her!” she said after hanging up, handed the baby over to the nurse and left. Her perfume lingered behind long after she had gone and the nurse hung her head deep in thought, trying to figure what it was about this woman that made her look capable of bringing the world to its knees just by a snap of her fingers.


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EPISODE SEVEN: #BlesssingInDisguise

The fire was getting closer and closer, mama was almost being consumed. One more minute and we would be referring to ‘mama’ as the late, one more minute and we would sing sombre songs for the departed soul of ‘mama’. Meanwhile, ‘mwenda’ was running in the opposite direction calling out ‘mama’. Were it not for the fact that ‘mwenda’ was not sane then maybe ‘mama’ would have been in a better and safer position.

The fire extinguishers arrived later on when the damage had already been done. Well, at least they quenched the fire but never undid the damage that had been done, never brought back to life the lives that had been lost. The market could hardly be recognised; it may be right to say that it was as void as the earth was during the days of creation. A market that was once full of many people buying and selling; a market that was full of noise was now void and all that could be felt would be the smell of smoke.