EPISODE TWO: Unforeseen Mode of Loss

It goes without saying that Lydiah was between a rock and a hard surface. She felt so much weight on her head and a migraine, in such a scenario, was inevitable. The days were fast approaching and so was the ultimatum, which was given to her by her husband, to make the hard decision.

She sat on her matrimonial bed, weeping and cursing. Besides her lay her newly born girl child. She gazed at her and whispered, “Dear, I have to do this, this is what is best for all of us.” She reached into her pocket and removed a chain which had an inscription; “ MUM LOVES YOU”. She picked up her child and a bag and headed out. The rain that was pouring outside not long ago had died down. She walked several miles and maneuvered into the DARK FOREST, which was all creepy with animal sounds renting the air.

She walked for days and ended up in a small town. She then headed to a rescue centre where she was contemplating to leave the child. She had a note and the plan was all set. No sooner had she placed the child in front of the rescue centre’s gate than a young lady came out crying. She stared at the young girl for a while before approaching her to ask what was wrong with her.

“ I wish they never dumped me in this rescue centre, now my in-laws call me a bastard and my search for my parents has born no fruits.” The lady said. Lydiah could not help but shed tears when she heard of this. She imagined her own daughter growing up and one day going through this entire trauma, and just the thought of that made her grief all the more. But what was she to do? She was just a young woman in a very young marriage which she did not want to crash and fail. She was just trying to kill a bird with two stones- Save her marriage and also save her child’s life.

The night was creeping in. She knew no one in the city and as such, she had no place to pass the night. She slowly walked away from the rescue centre with her child in one hand and the bag on the other. She thought to herself as she walked, “ I will keep you my daughter. I would rather lose everything and have you. Your future in-laws, my darling, will not mock and call you a bastard.”

You know in a town, finding a place to sleep is not that much of a headache, especially if you have no preference or rather, choice. The bridges, the lonely streets, garbage sites, abandoned cars, were all potential lodges for the homeless. In fact, it is so appropriate to say that one is usually spoiled for choice.

So Lydiah got a small shanty place; a dark alley where street children called home. She covered her child with around three shawls after dressing her warmly. And because of the long journey, it wasn’t long before she fell into asleep.

Birds chirped. sounds of speeding vehicles filled the air. The sun was shining so bright. The town, no doubt, was waking up and was no longer as quiet as it was in the night. Lydiah woke up and stretched her hand to where she had laid her child and the unforeseen happened; the spot where she had placed the young girl was empty; what had just happened???

She rubbed her face thinking that it was her drowsy nature that was playing tricks on her, but no, the child was really not there. She let out a very sharp scream that drew attention to herself. She screamed and wept, asking no one, in particular, to please bring her child back. The passersby watched as she helplessly lay prostrate on the ground. She could not believe her eyes, but who the hell had done this? Where was her newly born baby?


FB: Anne Mumbi Njoroge

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  1. Ronald Omagame

    Wow, guessing how the story will unfold. Though sad…

    • Anne

      Thanks for reading and giving feedback. Let’s see how it turns out …

  2. Sharon

    Emotional and capturing at the same time. I wish this story was all in a book…the suspence is incredible.

  3. Vincent Kiprop

    Awesome. In loving how the events are turning out here…. Waiting for the next episode.

  4. PETER

    Great work…..suspense!!

  5. Nyamoita Mamu

    Where is episode one?

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