EPISODE THREE: DoubleLoss???

Days passed, weeks passed. It was two months now. Lydiah had turned into a ‘Street Woman’. Each day was a day to look into every rook and cranny of the streets for her child. She never lost hope. She kept the faith. In those two months, Lydiah had definitely known every part of town. However, all this was turning out to be futile, but was she going to quit? Would she end up concluding that her child was no more? That she would never set her eyes on her ever again? That she had disposed her as her husband wanted?

It was on this day, 23rd of August 2015, that she resolved to let go. It was a difficult decision because letting go has and I am double sure it will never be easy. That’s why at times you want to stop tormenting yourself in a relationship but you still find yourself holding on to it as if your life depended on it. But as for Lydia, there was no going back. Or rather, she did not have the option of going back because after ransacking the whole town in search of her child in vain, the only option was to let go and go home. But what triggered this? This sudden desire to stop looking?

On this very evening, she was going back to where she called home for the past two months, the very place she lost her child. The very place she woke up to the sound of hooting cars and not that of her crying baby. She passed by a cemetery and there was a funeral ceremony taking place over there. She stopped by and watched. She got an intuition of the possibility of her child having passed on. This resulted in her breaking down into tears, falling prostrate on the ground. The pain she felt in her chest was too much; what if she was killed that night? Would she have been searching the dead among the living?

The funeral ceremony came to a close and those mourning walked out of the ceremony one by one. A young lass, probably in her mid 20s, came to Lydiah and placed her hands on Lydiah’s shoulders and said, ‘Even if she is gone, the Lord has not abandoned you.” The young lass had probably confused her for one of the bereaved but still, it all seemed like it was her child being buried in there but no it was not; probably it was a way of God telling Lydiah that she should cease searching and go back home to her husband; the same husband who pushed her to this town that she lost her newly born daughter.

Lydiah wiped her tears and headed over the place she had called home for the past two months. That night she was unable to sleep; she was in a dilemma; should she continue searching or should she stop? By morning, she had come to a decision, she was going to go back home and she hoped against hope that she would see her child some day.

That morning, Lydiah woke up very early in the morning and started off her journey back home. She had moments in the journey she felt like going back to the town but she had already decided and Lydiah was one person who rarely went back to her word.

The journey was a bit long and tiresome too; she passed through the forest she had passed by on her way to the town with her child and finally got into the village. Passersby who knew her were shocked to see her and when she was asked where she had been, she ignored her questions. All she wanted at that moment was to go home and explain to her husband all that happened because clearly she had a lot of explanation to do; two months from your matrimonial home was no joke at all.

Lydiah finally reached her compound; it was about 8pm when she arrived. The main hut’s door was wide opened and so she timidly entered thinking her husband was in there but he was not; she headed to the bedroom but no one was there. She sat down and decided to wait for him, her husband was however not a man to come into his house very late. Time passed by very fast and by 2am, Lydiah had fallen asleep.

It was morning already. Lydiah was woke up by a loud bang at the door, on opening her eyes a gigantic man was standing in front of her, she was shocked and almost screamed, the man asked her very sternly, “ What have you come back to do here?”

Lydiah answered. “This is my house!”

The man laughed out so loud and said, “Do you see your husband here? I am in charge here!”

Lydiah asked, “Where is my husband?”

The man said, “I am not the best person to tell you anything; meanwhile get out of my house!”

Lydiah was thrown out of the house, she fell on the ground and while she was there two main questions lingered in her mind; where was her husband? Why did give somebody the house yet it was his and he treasured it so much?

My dear readers, where do you think Lydia’s husband had gone to?


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6 thoughts on “KAMCHECHE

  1. Vincent Kiprop

    Interesting, Could he have been killed? just trying to relate the episode’s title…Waiting for the next episode

    • Anne

      Thanks for reading , let’s watch and wait

  2. Sharon

    oh! no…I don’t think he is dead. Perhaps he had been following Lydia all the time, and there is a possibility that he might have been the one who took the child… just maybe

    • Anne

      Let’s wait and watch

  3. PETER

    A double loss indeed!! Where will she start?? Waiting for the next episode. Great work Ann..

  4. Cheruto Tanui

    mmmm may be he is the one who took the baby

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