Love Scandal


It hurt her more that Tony had betrayed her trust. Cuddled between her sheets, a pillow stuffed below her head, Eve remembered the words Tony told her the first day they met ~ Lying to women is as easy as breathing to me~ he said. How she wished she had believed him the first time. She bit her lower lip and fought the tears that were threatening to roll out of her eyes, down her cheeks and onto the pillow like it had been the case for the past two days. She was to blame too, yes, but she had cried enough. In fact, she was not angry anymore. The anger she had for Tony was slowly being replaced with hate. A hate so passionate it could move mountains further than faith could.

She sat up straight in bed when she heard her sister knock and call her name. She muttered a faint `come in` and Clair swung the door open before slowly walking in, hands resting on her hips.

“Don`t tell me you are again not going to work,” Clair said drawing the window curtain before opening the window. The morning light furiously flashed inside the room and they both had to squint their eyes.

“Its not like they are paying me anyway.” Eve said.

“So you are now referring to your own father as they?” Clair paused to look at her before adding, “Anyway, your friend Valentine is here. She says you haven`t been picking her calls.”

“She is in the living room?”

“No, she`s talking to mum out there on what could possibly be ailing you.” That tickled Eve a little bit. She had told her parents that she wasn`t feeling well but her mum gave her that suspicious look she always gave someone when she meant to say, `I empathise with your situation, but I don`t buy that crap you just said! ` So later, she followed Eve to her room and asked if she was sure it was her stomach and not her heart that was aching. And Eve had stood her ground that it was her stomach, not willing to let her mother into her love story, a crooked one for that matter.

“Tell her to come to my room,” Eve said, sliding back into her bed-sheets.

Clair looked at her, now beginning to feel sorry for her sister. At first she had been happy that Eve had found out sooner that Tony was a jerk, but now, she felt she needed that jerk more than anything else. In just two days and her eyes had lost their sparkles. She barely left her bed and Clair was beginning to think that if the bed could speak, it would tell her it had had enough and it wanted out of that now abusive relationship. Tony, she mumbled that name to herself while shaking her head, and walked out.

Minutes later and Valentine walked in. Eve sat up again as she invited herself to her bed. They hugged, giggled and teased each other like they always did but even then, the sadness written on Eve`s face was bigger than all the problems Kenya is facing right now, so Valentine offered a few words of consolation.

“That Tony will regret messing up with a girl like you,” she said, “I am sure he is regretting right now and is trying to beg you to have him back, right?”

“He has, but I haven`t been picking his calls,” she lied. Not even once had Tony called her. Well, she knew she was the one who asked him not to but still, she would have loved for him to defy her and call. But he hadn`t. And deep down, it made her even more furious. It was like breaking up with someone hoping they will be miserable only for them to drop it in your face that they have been longing for that break up.

Eve was startled when Valentine slightly shook her, “Are you listening?”

“Of course, what were you saying?”

“That I have the best idea on how you can completely wipe off that jerk off your mind?”

“And what is the idea?”

“Throwing a party which you must attend.”

“You know I am not into parties. Plus I am not sure how to lie to my mum to let me out at night.”

“Don`t worry about your mum, I have already sorted her out. As for you not being into parties, this is not about what you love, its about what is good for you,” she paused to allow her words sink in before continuing, “And what is good for you is to meet new exciting people who I have already invited.”

Eve knew Valentine would not stop until she agreed to attend that party so for the sake of ending that conversation, she said yes.

But after Valentine had left and the day went by, Eve thought about Tony once again and what he had done. She finally decided that maybe the party was not a bad idea after all, so she resolved to attend it.

That evening she took a long shower, washing off the broken promises still clinging on her skin, the tears that dried on her cheeks and the little hope she had about her and Tony getting back together. She stepped out of the bathroom feeling light and renewed. She stood in front of her dressing mirror in nothing but a pair of a white lacy underwear and lotioned herself. She later run her finger through her wardrobe before picking a black jeans that fitted her like a glove, a black crop top which left her flat tummy exposed, a black coat meant for shit and giggles, and she finished off her looks with black heels higher than the morals of our Kenyan socialites.

She then walked out holding a black purse on her hand. She wasn`t sure what Valentine had told her mother but it dint matter, all she knew was that nobody was expecting her back that evening. She was also not sure who would be attending that party but still, she knew she had to look sexy. It was going to be fun, she murmured to herself.

Dusk was fast falling when she approached Valentine`s house. Already a few guys were hanging around the compound, drinks on hand. They all craned their necks as they turned to look at her, shuddering from the chill oozing from her. Eve smiled. A knowing smile. The smile sexy girls wear when they know they are sexy and they are disturbing the peace in men`s pants. She stopped to greet a few of the familiar faces she saw and she was still making the small talk when she saw Valentine rushing out of the house. She came straight to where she was and pulled her from the crowd.

“I am glad you came Eve but something just happened…” she sounded worried. Scared even.

“What is it, Valentine?”

“He is here.”

“Who?” Eve looked around before looking back at her, “Who is here and why do you sound disturbed by it?”

Valentine silently pointed towards the door and as Eve followed the direction of her fingers with her eyes, she saw him, Tony, walking out of the house. Dressed in his signature red V neck Tee, blue jeans and a pair of red loafers to match. He was smiling, and Eve could not tell why. She wanted to walk away. Run even, but somehow her legs were not taking orders from her head anymore, so they refused to move.

Tony came and stood in front of her, signalling Valentine with his head
to leave. Like a scared child, Valentine walked away. Eve wanted to speak, but words failed her. She stammered. And the few words that managed to escape her lips stumbled and fell, not making any sense. Tony wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She wanted to resist, but she couldn`t. What the hell was happening to her? She helplessly let Tony hold her in his arms and before she knew it, his lips were searching hers, and the strange thing was she was letting him. The kiss finally landed on her lips, sending shudders down her spine, and she closed her eyes. Her legs felt weak.

Unknown to them, everyone had gathered around them, watching in amusement as some, Valentine to be specific, wondered what the hell was happening!

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4 thoughts on “Love Scandal

  1. Gracie Kari Wang'ombe

    Waaaaoh. That’s the spirit of gentle man!

    • brianmbanacho

      Sure, Gracie.


    heels higher than morals of Kenyan socialites……… They are infact a half millimeter high. Gate crushing???? Nice piece Brian..

    • brianmbanacho

      Thanks, Peter

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