Love Scandal

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Tony had his arms wrapped around Eve’s waist, holding her closer to him. And she had her arms around his neck, head resting on his chest. “You have made so happy, my love,” Tony whispered to her left ear. She smiled. The kind of smile that split her face into two because it stretched from one ear to the other. A glorious smile. A smile with an ass. She then kissed him on the neck and said, “And you me, Tony.”

“Mum will be very excited to hear this,” he said.

“Planning to let her know already?”

“But not over the phone. I will soon travel to the city and tell her in person.” He then drew in air through his nostrils and let it out with a sigh, “I can only imagine how priceless her face would look like when she finds out you have agreed to marry me.”

“I agree she will be excited. Me I can’t wait to tell Valentine & Clair about it,” She pulled away from him and said, “By the way, did you know that Sam and Valentine are sleeping with each other?”

“Oh really?” Tony feigned surprise, only he didn’t sound believable.

Poking him in the ribs, Eve said, “You already knew, didn’t you?”

“Well…we are boys and boys tell each other everything!”


Tony realised his mistake and so to rectify it, he mumbled, “But there are quite a few things that we keep private.”

Of course, he was lying, and thankfully, Eve was not keen on pursuing that line of talk. Breaking away from the embrace, she jerked off the huge t-shirt, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her breasts. Walking to the bathroom, she turned to Tony who was now seated in bed with his head buried on his phone, “Wouldn’t it be a great idea if we invited the girls over so that we can break the news to them over dinner?”

Tony raised his head from the phone and said, “That is a perfect idea. You will call and invite them over, won’t you?”

“I sure will.” She then disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

It felt sinfully luxurious standing under the hot shower and feel the dribbles of water run in curtains from her head to her neck, down to her breasts standing erect, lower to her hips and finally her legs. She felt weightless and calm, all the worries washing away with the soap. With her eyes closed, enjoying the serenity of the moment, she mumbled, “He is mine now…mine…no one will take him away from me.” God, she felt so good. Until then, it hadn’t really occurred to her how surreal it would be to be proposed to by the man of her dreams.

She lazily opened her eyes and was shocked to see Tony leaning against the door, lustfully gazing at her. “Oh,” she subconsciously covered her breasts with her hands and Tony frowned at her as if to say, ‘really?’ She knew she was being silly so she let her hands fall freely on her either side like they were helpless. Tony smiled.

“You look beautiful, honey.”

“I do, don’t I?” she winked. “Now, you better shut the door and allow me humble time to finish my shower.”

“As you wish, Mrs Tony,” Tony said shutting the door without really walking away. He could picture her smiling to herself in there, broke into a smile himself before walking away to the living room.

In the living room, Sam was lying on the sofa, talking over the phone. He hung up soon after and turned to Tony who was now flipping through the TV channels, “Congratulations once again, bro. But man…I still can’t believe that you are engaged now.”

“Neither can I. But it’s the best feeling I tell you. So what’s up between you and Valentine?”

“Nothing is really up between us. Whatever is going on between me and Valentine is surely not going to last.”


“Valentine is a beautiful woman. Her game is also top notch but honestly, she doesn’t strike me as a woman who is ready for anything serious just yet.”

“And you, are you ready for something serious?”

“Man, you just got engaged and now you are sounding like you have been married all your life?”

A smile cut across Tony’s face, “Well, I am getting old, what can I say? But the reason why I am asking is because I am slowly seeing you turn into a man I previously was and I can assure you, it’s not a good thing. If Valentine doesn’t strike you as a serious woman, find one that is.”

“Okay father, I have heard you. Anything else I should do?”

“Yes, shave off your beard and be ready for dinner tonight. Valentine and Clair will be coming over,” he then quickly added “Eve’s idea, not mine,” when Sam shot him a bad look.

That night, Clair and Valentine showed up dressed like they knew something good was going down. Clair was in a sleeveless black dress that stopped right above her knees while Valentine went for a long red dress that curved in her waist and protruded with her hips and ass. They both looked gorgeous, and tried as he did, Sam could not stop his eyes from following Valentine around. Which was strange. It was unlike him to not keep his eyes off a woman. He shuddered to think that Tony’s talk was getting into him and he was seriously considering asking Valentine to be his girlfriend.

Later on in the night, when everyone else was in the living room drinking sodas and celebrating Tony and Eve’s engagement because somehow Eve had declared the night alcohol free, Valentine stood up, threw Sam a look and walked into the kitchen. Sam looked around and everyone was smiling at him. “Dude, we know you want to follow her into that kitchen, so go ahead,” Clair said and they all laughed but Sam. He stood up, cleared his throat and walked past everyone into the kitchen.

Valentine stood there waiting. She knew he would come. With her hands crossed over her chest, she glanced at him and somehow beckoned him to move even closer with her eyes. He did. Like a kid obeying his teacher. He walked until when he was standing only a few centimetres from her.

“That dress looks awesome on you.”

“Thank you.”

“And I can’t remember seeing you more beautiful than I do right now.”



He then went and stood beside her, both of them supporting their backs against the kitchen’s cabinet. They remained silent. Rather, they let their breathing do the talking. And feeling how awkward the silence was turning out to be, Sam said, “So, who would believe that Tony and Eve would finally end up engaged?”

“I know right?” Valentine put in, “If Tony can change and be a truly loving man, I am sure some men can too.”

“And who might these men be?”

“I don’t know. Those who have been friends with Tony long enough to realise it reaches a point in  man’s life that he needs to stop playing games and clean up his love life?”

Sam loved this game. And he knew where it was leading them too. So he turned to her and said, “You are right. Which is why I have something to tell you.”

Suddenly, Valentine’s eyes danced with curiosity and anxiety. They danced with excitement too. “What is it, Sam? I hope it’s not a marriage proposal because I am not ready to be tied down and you know that.”

“Trust me it’s not. But it would be nice to know if you wouldn’t mind going out with me like… officially?”

Valentine thought he would never ask. But now that he had, she felt relief course down her spine. She glared at him, contemplating his request, and enjoying watching him standing there with a held breath yearning for her answer. Waiting for it, like his future generation depended on it.

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    Anything else I should do father?? hahahahaaaaaaaaa……… great!!!

    • brianmbanacho

      Thanks bro

  2. elsie

    always an awesome read Brian… thank you

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      My pleasure, Elsie.

  3. Hailey

    hehehe just when im really into the story n you just stop n place a ps paragraph…..

    • brianmbanacho

      Hehee, there is a next time.

  4. Johnstone

    Oh man you’re killing it. I love the humor between friends in this one. Good piece. Thank you

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      I am glad you like it, Johnstone.

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    i love you articles always they are just magical

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      Thank you, Safaran.

  6. Eve

    great read….left me hanging though 🙁

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      It will continue next week.

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    These is just awesome. If it can be combined to a novel. I bet it will be a bestseller. Can I get it as from episode one

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      Hi Mike. Click on the menu button to
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