Return of the King


Anne agreed to meet me and Steve in my office. I had managed to convince bwana Chief to give me her number and she was obviously surprised to receive my call. I know because she told me herself. Which was understandable because I am such a big shot in Msonobari village. Anyway, I told her there was an issue we needed to discuss and when I gave her the opportunity to decide where we could meet, in my or her office, she picked mine. And just to be clear, I told her my good friend Steve would be in that meeting too and she said it was fine. Okay, not at first, but when I told her it was important he be there she caved. Immediately I hanged up the phone I called Steve and told him that the meeting was on. So he came by the office later that evening as we were expecting Anne to stop by after work hours.

“Just remember we need to go easy on her,” I told Steve while glancing at the clock watch on my wall. In no time Anne was going to be there and we needed to be prepared for her. We had spent a lot of time going through our plan, and our back up plan to ensure that everything run on smoothly.

“But if she tries to be smart with us we will have to change tactics,” Steve said. He was obviously looking forward to play a detective once again after a long time of recess. Since he fell in love with Abigail and she moved in with him, the title BBC London of Msonobari had been stripped off him because he was no longer on top of everything in the village. Rather, he did not deem it necessary to rub it on everyone’s face that he was on top of everything. He was leading a quiet and normal life like every other man and as much as he enjoyed it, there was no doubt he still wished to be known as that guy with a solution to everything. The only title he was more than willing to shed off was that of Steve The Drunk, but unfortunately, everyone still called him that. It was the only way to differentiate him from the other Steves of Msonobari.

A few minutes to 7 O’clock and clacking of heels could be heard down the hall way. We knew it was her. We both shifted in our chairs and cleared our throats almost simultaneously as we waited for the knock which did not take long to come. I stood up from my chair and walked to the door, opening it with a friendly smile on my face. I did not want to give Anne the impression that she was in for a battle of words so I had to look as friendly and as welcoming as possible if only not to scare her away.

“Nice to see you Anne,” I held out my hand to her and she took it. I could see curiosity in her eyes. But curiosity was not the only thing I saw, there was elegance oozing all over her. She was dressed in a black skirt which went a few inches below her knees, a pair of a white swanky blouse and black heels. She also had a stunning diamond wrist watch on her left hand. She was classy. And classy was not a word you would often use to describe any teacher in Msonobari. With the meager salaries they got, they barely had enough to spend on elegant clothing. But Anne was different.

I stepped aside to let her in and she slowly walked past me to the inside. Steve, in the spirit of being friendly and welcoming, stood up from his chair to shake her hand. And I could see her smiling and most definitely feeling at home. I shut the door and went round the table to my own chair, after pointing her to her own seat. I saw her looking around the office and her eyes finally settled on the huge portrait of Tabitha and I hanging on one of the walls in the office.

“You have a very beautiful wife, doc,” she said, “How is she?”

“She is fine thank you for asking.”

“And oh, I heard that you were blessed with a baby just recently.”

“Sure, her name is Natasha.”

“Congratulations for that too.”

“Once again, thank you.”

Well the small talk helped to ease the tension in the room and we were now ready for the main talk. I shot a look at Steve who had his hands crossed against his chest and him, as if reading my mind, slightly nod his head. I turned to Anne.

“Well madam Anne,” I started, “We called you here to talk about you and Bwana chief. All of us here know that there is a thing going on between you two.”

I saw her eyes sparkle in alarm the moment I mentioned Chief.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean by all of us here know what is going on between us two?”

“Exactly what I said, madam,” I feigned a smile, “And, stop me if I am wrong, but we also know that you have a child together.”

I stopped to look at her and I could tell that she was now swimming in a pool of discomfort. She kept shifting in her chair while trying so hard to avoid eye contact with either of us. Steve was smiling, like he could tell we were going to win this faster than any of us anticipated.

“If I knew this was what we were going to talk about I wouldn’t have come.” she said, visibly agitated.

“But you will be glad you came madam. Because Bwana chief, who is my father in law, confided in me that he is no longer interested in this relationship though you are refusing to let him be. And not only that, he is doubting his paternity to your last born son and he is soon going to ask for a DNA test,” I had to lie about the last point to make our case stronger. I hated to do this to her but we were men on a mission and we loved to not only finish our mission, but to do so successfully.

“What do you mean a DNA test, he is the father to that boy!” her voice was raised now, “Besides, he has never even for once, told me that he doubted he was the father to that kid.”

“But is he?” Steve asked, looking her in the eye.

“Of course he is.”

“But my sources tell me otherwise.”

“Which sources?”

“Not the point here madam but let me be very clear to you. My name is Steve, and I am sure you know what I am known for here in Msonobari village. If you don’t, ask around. The only truth I do not know about is the truth I am not interested in knowing about ,otherwise, I know everything. So when I tell you that I have doubts Chief fathered your son I am only being subtle with my sentiments otherwise what I mean to say is I am sure, chief did not get you pregnant.” You needed to have been there to hear Steve say those words. He sounded like a detective in a movie. His voice and tone reeked of confidence, and a hint of chest thumping in it. But he was right. He never bluffed. Not when on assignment.

Madam Anne was dumbfounded for a moment. He opened her mouth to speak but no word came out. She looked at me, then at Steve with fiery eyes before springing up from her chair. “Thank you for wasting my time,” she cursed before making for the door but I had something for her before she stormed out.

“You have only two options madam Anne,” I said and with her right hand on the knob, she turned to look at me, “One is you agree to let Chief off this your affair without threatening to report him to his wife and we will make sure he never knows he did not father your child. Then you will continue enjoying the child support he is giving you or, the second option, you play smart with us, and we tell him the truth, he asks for a DNA test and you lose everything. You lose him and you lose the money.” I paused, and Steve took over, “And you only have one week to make up your mind and just a reminder, against us,” he let out a sarcastic laugh before suddenly putting on a straight face, “You will lose!”

She stormed out, loudly banging the door behind her.



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    hahahaaaaaaaa…….. you guys, form a private investigation agency……. you are both you will do good i promise……. Great

  2. Sue fredrick

    Amazing!you two are great at ths detective job!
    Cant wait fr th next episode.

  3. gracie kari wang'ombe

    Aha, i like this but i pitty madam Anne

  4. It is important to plan for these occasions ought to they
    occur; even in thhe event you do not percekve it as likely.

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